Lamb Planks

Incredibly fun and addicting game!

5 stars on Google Play, App Store

Lamb PlanksGoogle Play, App Store5

Lamb Planks is the most addicting game to hit the mobile world in 2015!

Key Features

  • Outstanding physics gameplay
  • Loveable characters
  • Changing climate
  • In app store
  • Unique Bonuses
  • Free updates
  • Very addictive


In Lamb Planks you control Lammy (lamb) simply by tilting your device to manoeuvre up as high as you possibly can to get the top score. You’ll have to be careful and attack the sheep falling off the mountain and use the special bonuses as tactics to better your chances. Collect coins to gain extra bonuses to give you the upper hand over the falling sheep.

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Super addicting game, could not put my phone down for hours!

Ryan Stanford

Awesome concept of doodle jump.  Incredibly fun to play and the physics work really well. Great game!

Richard Miles

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